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Source The Goodness Of Nature Using Our Herbal Massage Oil, Herbal Body Massage Oil, Herbal Hand Wash, Body Scrub And More...

An Introduction

For the people who are looking for an effective yet safer way for caring their hair and skin, we, Iskrti have come up with a herbal solution to cater all their demands for healthy and safe living. As a manufacturer we offer a collection of herbal personal care products includes Herbal Face Scrub, Herbal Hand Wash, Herbal Massage Oil, Herbal Body Massage Oil, Herbal Serum Bath Salts, Herbal Cream and many more. These products and more are a perfect balance of nature goodness and today's technology. Such products are not only beneficial for women, but both the genders and all age groups as these are free of parabens and other chemicals; making these products are something to look forward to. Offering such a wonderful assortment of products has made us the #1 brand of herbal skincare and haircare products. However, the quality of our offerings is not the only reason that makes us so special; it is our business ethics and the way we work that leads us to our destination.

Everything Smells Better And Feels Better With Herbal Products

When 100% natural ingredients are used, each and every product becomes naturally scented. The use of material like herbs, unrefined butter, sugar, salt, pure carrier oil, clay, vegetable powder, and essential oils make our personal care products naturally scented and worth the use. Apart from this, the proper use of products as per the skin type may help a person achieve his/her dream of having beautiful and glowing skin that feels baby soft to touch. This is the magic that happens when one switches to natural care products such as Herbal Massage Oil, Herbal Body Massage Oil than the ones with chemicals. In order to ensure that every product we offer is free of chemicals we test these into our Bombay Test House and Simalab.

Research and Development

When it comes to developing products that are chemical free, require immense market research and surveys. As it is through researches that we are able to get detailed information about what's required by the users and how we can achieve it. The research and development department of our company helps us with the following:
  • Adopting new measures for making marketing strategies.
  • Exploring better ways for producing our products.
  • Getting exposed to new market trends.
  • Get feedback and suggestions from customers.